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Can I get a home security system with existing equipment in Texarkana?

July 28, 2021

Vivent hub screen on living room wall.

As you go about personalizing your home’s security, you might wonder if you should get new components or if you can keep your home security system with existing equipment in Texarkana.

If you own a component like a doorbell camera or a motion detector, you may be in luck. You should be able to take your existing equipment and transfer them to your Vivint smart home, but only if they are built with Z-wave technology and are on the compatibility list with the new system. Here are some common Texarkana scenes where you might want to use your old device and link it to the new system.

You’re relocating to a home with home security alarms

A new home may come with an existing home security system. All the devices function well, are hung in the right areas, and are ready to go. In this instance, just turn on the phone to call and start a new contract. A Vivint expert will still come to your home to ensure there are no compatibility issues, and they may offer suggestions on where you should replace bad outdated components. It's a preliminary appointment, and you can have your 24/7 monitoring set up without having a bill for any new components -- unless you make additions.

The outgoing owners can move an existing Vivint contract to your family for a small transfer fee to make the transfer easier. If the outgoing residents are downsizing to an apartment complex or retirement community, you keeping the home security contract may be a part of the sale.

You are looking to move and bring your existing devices with you

You may need to bring your old Vivint system with you to a new home when you move. That’s pretty easy to transfer, as most smart devices are wireless. You can take down each component by yourself or contact a Vivint installer to come and dismantle everything. Then our installers will hang the same devices -- and any smart devices you need to add -- in the new house. Your home security contract will stay the same.

You own a simple device and want to add on

Your doorbell camera, smart lock, or small glass break sensor helped you notice the advantages of a security system, and now you need to expand. Don't fret too much about throwing away that starter device because it could integrate with your new system. Companies like Vivint have created their programs meticulously and welcome many modern devices.

You could lose the video clips you saved, as they probably won't move over into a different mobile app. But your smart item will still handle like it would when it was a single component. You could even see some new options available now that the component’s is linked to a bigger security system.

Contact Vivint for your security needs

Whether you're want a home security system with existing equipment in Texarkana, or you want one personalized from the ground up, contact Vivint. A Vivint professional will talk through your needs and devise the best solution for your home. Call (870) 544-4225 or fill out the form below to start.